Catching Them Young

The last time I was at the National Agric  Student Forum (FUNAAB) Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, I was surprised that higher percentage of the student did not know there are plenty job opportunity in Agriculture
So I offered them job offers if they come for practical agribusiness training for free with us at the farm.
Despite so many calls from the student which I ask them to channel through their departmental excos, I am glad to say we have some of them with us.
It take some bit of courage sacrificing their holidays to come be on the farm in the hot sun.
I am also glad that they took the bait and they have started shaping their future while still in school.
Some of our youth do not have access to good counselling, basic start up and career talk from the institution.
I know so many agric graduates roaming the street around.
Everyday the guys here heard me complaining of needing people to go and manage some farms for people somewhere else.
With the experience they will be acquiring over time, I am seeing potential team and cluster members already.
I remembered an aunt sending two of her nephews  who just finish secondary school to come and spend some time on the farm with us  back then.
They sure have some orientation. They do call to inform me they will be back after school.
Its obvious no knowledge is lost.

None is too small to acquire experience
Agriculture is the future

So many opportunity abound.
We are still in search of farm managers, farm supervisors.
The jobs are available

Keep the certificate aside
Let’s get some skills.

Start being the government of your life






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