How To Access Bank Loan

How to access bank loans!!!
How to pass @interview!!!

The above are the highest selling points to graduates in Nigeria

Accessing bank loan without knowing the best way to utilise it will put you in a lot of debt

Once the word loan is mentioned, millions of comments follow.

“How do I register”
“I am interested”
“What’s the criteria?

I remembered running helter skelter from pillar to post struggling to source loan to keep the cooperative running while in Abeokuta.

Looking back now I am sincerely glad I did not succeed.

I later got to realise 99% of the members are only interested in accessing loan because the name cooperative mainly signifies loan to an average Nigerian

I always say if I have had the knowledge I have now before venturing into the farm, I would have managed profitably all the funds that has been passing through my hand.

I would have applied the funds effectively before now

What I am saying in essence is we need acquire knowledge first before sourcing for loans and funds.

The university sure fail us.
But we shouldn’t also fail ourselves

We were trained to graduates and look for job
No wonder we have plenty motivational speakers on Job interview

What if we start thinking of creating job?
What if we choose not to be an employee but an employer?

Where are the factories where you want to work?

Who is creating the jobs that you are getting interviewed for?

Nigeria as a whole has a lot of problem that requires solution.

Agribusiness etc

Foreigners keep trooping in to Nigeria to tap from the huge resources we have in abundance

Some of us has million ideas that can not be exhausted.

Get close to learn from such people.
Tap from the ones that have to build your own resources

Nigeria is full of milk and honey
Nigeria is bless

Rural area is rich in abundance
Fresh air
Real healthy food
Affordable accommodation

Tomato Jos is run by a foreigner with MBA who left their shore to grow tomato in Nigeria

She paid for land to stay in the rural area

We are running away from the rural area to the city to seek the job that is non existing

Let’s make use of the resources we have
Together we can create the country of our choice


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