Raised Beds Demystified

The Raised Bed ..

Raised-bed farming is the type of cultivation by which the soil is formed in 3-4 foot wide (1.0–1.6m) beds.

It can be of any length.

At our training facility, our beds are 1.6m wide by 25 m lenght

Making 80 of our sized beds automatically give an acre of land while 200 of the beds make an hectare of land

*. The soil is raised above the surrounding soil
and enriched with manure or compost

* The vegetable plants are spaced much closer together than in conventional farm which allows more plant on the raised beds

* The spacing when the vegetables are fully grown make their leaves just barely touch each other, creating a cover to suppress weed grow
and conserve moisture

* Because the Farmer can not walk on the raised beds, the soil is not compacted and the roots have an easier time growing

* The close plant spacing and the use of manure intensively result in higher yields with raised beds in comparison to conventional row farming

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