Shea Butter Production Training

#Practical #Training on #Shea_butter #processing

We have been receiving several calls from people that want to learn the process involve in making Shea butter

As you have been following our work. We mainly do on farm practical work.

Part of what participants learn during the stay with us is
1. Growing fruits and vegetables profitably
2. Black Soap making process
3. Shea butter production
4. Garri processing
5. Tapioca processing
And so many more

The training are interwoven in each other
It’s mainly practical work with little of theory work

We believe in whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

Our next resumption date is May 7th 2018
The duration of the training is 3 months

Training fee is N40,000
There is free accommodation for participants

Participants take care of their feeding
Transportation from hostel to farm is N600 per week

After the training
* Farm manager/Supervisor job is available for trainees * Participants can starts their own production of Shea butter, Black Soap, tapioca or garri processing * Participants can choose to trade in any of the training commodities * Participants will be given supports to start their own farm as a cluster group member

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