Passionate on my job

I guess I am too emotionally attached to what I do which is food production.

Hence I find it hard relating with people that see it as dirt.

I hardly leave my Cocoon for the outside world cause I am really secured and enjoy what I do

I am excited convincing people to see the best in what I do to the extent that even if you don’t have interest before coming to farm, one way or the other you will develop interest

I always appreciate people that comes and leave the next day or after a week because I believe we can not all be convinced to love the same thing

What I really do not understand is those that choose to stay but look at everything around with disdain

I can’t keep records of how many trainings , conferences I have attended in my life.

Some I paid for by myself while majority are sponsored.

I am either at the training or not.

If I don’t like it then I escuse myself

But hardly will I not create interest because I see every training as an opportunity to grow.

I see possibility where people see impossibilities.

I love farming
I love growing crop
I love playing with the soil
And I love sharing the knowledge I have with people

And like I keep telling the participants
You are not forced to be here
You don’t have to be on the farm
We can not all love the system

Best is to find whatever will keep you motivated
And the earlier the better too

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