Network Farming Is Bae

The moment I realise only group farming can drastically brings down the cost of production…

Today I was sharing with the trainees on the farm how a senior colleagues sent me the cost of tomato imports into the country.

Unbelievably it was extremely cheap…
When I say cheap

Actually it’s 10 times less the price we sell in Nigeria.

How then do we stop the buyers from importing?

So it occured to me that starting up a farm is quite expensive especially an irrigated vegetable farm

Meanwhile that’s the only way to be able to supply all year round.

Someone on the team said their government must be subsidising their produce..

Sure it’s possible I agreed but I think we can work around cutting down cost of production if we grow crops in group


100 Farmers growing in the same area will
* Save some cost on transportation to the market.
The bigger the vehicles the lower the price

* 10 boreholes will be sufficient instead of 100 boreholes individually.
A borehole in my area cost about N600,000.
Compare that in 100 places and 10 places

* Save cost on buying materials in bulk. There will be discount on seeds, drip irrigation even tractor works when working collectively together

* The team can save up to buy farm equipments and machinery that make work easy and faster

Eg the use of mulching film or plastic mulch completely reduce weeding on the farm.
It also increases productivity. Only team work can aspire to do this

* The team can produce all year round and still grow several varieties with members becoming an expert on one, two or three crops

* There is motivation, healthy competition to do better and increase in cash flow

*Because the team can produce all year round automatically means the peak and the glut will blend each other.

And naturally there is more peak, average price than gluts in every year

I can keep on and on mentioning the factors that could eventually lead to us having a great reduction in cost of production.

This automatically will allow us to compete with price in the market.

If you have the intention of farming successfully and profitably in Nigeria, take the bold step of joining an existing farming group.

You will be glad you do so

And don’t forget to thank me later


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