I feel I have so much in my head to share when it come to Agriculture.

So many times I picked my own to write but could get pass page 1. Most time I didn’t even get to the end of page one

And then I get to worry about the title.
“Small is profitable” always lead the pack

But when I co sider that people love to hear the word such as “money” “millions” etc. I end up going in search of money topics

Ruminating and taking my brain, I always co sole myself with…

Oh girl, I think you should write first then the topic will flow

And if I manage to start. The write up begins to flow but then I get to realise that I am suppose to follow a format of writing

Unfortunately I am not a protocol person.

Then the serious of debates on whether people will be interested in reading the book.

It’s not even about the money.

“But will somebody read it?

My thought keep running riots

Not yet time joor. Maybe you should write later

“But what exactly do you want to write on?
The farm World is enormous

“Where are you gonna start?

Is it land preparation?
Nor soil workings?

Which fruits or vegetables will you start from?
* The most profitable?
* The marketable?
* The rugged?


And then the lazy part will always take over
It’s not yet time

You can do that later

And I move on to the next one

Then years keep piling up
People keep making mistakes in farming which my book would have guide

I feel pain each time I see the potentials in agriculture that people are not tapping

Plenty opportunity abounds

Like wise plenty challenges
Like the one our farm is currently experiencing

But sure they always come and leave
We always find a way around it

You can I.agine I am diverting again
So many things to write about
Plenty experiences and mentoring to share

If only I can take the time to sit and pen it down

A team member suggest I shouls save whenever I write a page.

Might take me years or more
But at least I could still gum them together when the time come

And to think I dont just want to write a book
I want to write an agric “bestseller”
If there is anything of such

I only wish I can start
And stop the procastination

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