Resumption For May 2018

Our agribusiness training class resume tomorrow Monday May 7th

What we do is simple
Rather than give people fish to eat we adopt the method of teaching people how to catch the fish.

We not only train on “how” to catch the fish….
But we show……
* where to catch the fish
* What type of fish to catch
* How to package the fish
* Where to sell the fish
* How to keep increasing the fish

And a whole lots more

We believe in the African saying that

” If you want to go fast, go alone
But if you are thinking of going far
You better move with people

We have provided a level playing ground for youths and everyone who is looking to rewrite the history of agriculture in Nigeria

Our target is to collectively produce and package for export

But come to think of it…..

Our domestic market is unsaturated.
We still battle with glut and peak period
We battlle with Climate change issues
We fight with increasing pest variety
And so many lots to tackle

But a smart person understand the need to acquire knowledge if he plan to be profitable in any venture

He or she need all the surviving Power he can muster through trainings and exchange of ideas before venturing

The same apply to Agriculture.
Billions of naira flow down the drain in agribusiness sector annually due to people that choose to take short cut to farming

They mostly equate farming with MMM and all the likes

What my team has choose to do is putting intending or existing Farmers that want to grow profitably through the step by step guide that is required.

Knowledge they say is power
Take time to acquire some
Saves a lot of headaches and fund lost

Catch you on farm tomorrow

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