Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About The Farm Manager Training And Vacancy

1. Will you pay me during the training?

“We think you should be the one paying us for providing you an avenue to be gainfully employed”

Participatory fee is N40,0000 for 3 months

2. Must I stay on the farm for 3 months?

“Yes. You have to be on the farm for minimum of 3 months if you are looking to be employed as farm manager in any of our clients farm

3. Is the Farm Manager Job guarantee after the training?

” Yes. 200% guaranteed

But you have to prove to us that you are the right person for the job.
That’s why you will be staying on the farm for 3 months

4. I am a graduate of crop production, animal science etc. Do I need to go through the training before getting employed?

” Our University and Polytechnic system did not prepare us for the practical aspect of agriculture

Real life is quite different from the theory class work.

5. But I have experience…..

“The more reason you should prove to us your capability.

We will be glad to learn and share from your experience.

This will give us the boldness to stand confidently while recommending you to our clients

The training period will give you maximum opportunity to do that.

6. Will you feed me during the period?

“No. We will not feed you
Participants take care of their feeding.

7. What about accomodation.?
We provide farm Accomodation of shared room for the early payment.

We have limited Accomodation space

8. Which other financial expenses is involved?
Extracurricular activities like ..
*Soap making
* Sheabutter making
*Coconut oil making might require some token contribution when and if your set have interest

9. What should I budget for transport.
” Transport to and from farm cost N500 per week

10. How many days in a week do we go to farm

” Monday-Friday is full day.
Saturday is half day
No farm on Sunday.

11. What will my feeding budget look like?

” A moinmoin wrap is N20 likewise an Akpu or fufu wrap.
Not sure you can finish 10 wrap.

12. Is there mobile network on the farm?

All the networks are present.
Though they might fluctuate from time to time

13. Is it compulsory I work for your clients after the training?

” No. It’s not compulsory
You might choose to work for yourself.

14. Do you give loans after the training?


We don’t have the capacity for loan and lending yet.

15. Do you give land to participants after the training?


Every participant is entitle to an acre of land, free of charge to practise after the training

16. Do you provide technical support and consultation after the training?

Every of our participants is entitle

17. Is there available market for grown crop?

We have a collective market for cluster members after the training

18. Is the participatory fee refundable if I change my mind after paying or during the training?

The fee is a non refundable fee
Please feel free to send us any other concern you might have

Or reach any of our administrator

Yinka 08064688501
Alfa 07089815690
Tolu 08061633193

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