Cashew Investment Plan

Back to farm with an investment plan

I have been away from the farm for sometime.
But I actually did come back with some good tidings..

I had been meaning to keep the good tiding to myself but I read “Steve Harvey” book that prompt me to share

How many of us know about the cashew nuts market early this year?

For some times now cashew nuts trade has silently been on the increase.

Mainly for exports

Actually it’s called the “Farmers Gold” in my area

I wrote sometimes ago lamenting on how Farmers are turning all the farm land to cashew farm

Sure they are still doing that

The previous varieties we have take 3 years from planting to maturity.

But science are not resting, they keep working to have improve seed of everything

Hence they came out with the one of shorter life span

Considering the stress of managing vegetables that require 24hrs monitoring and maintainance, cashew is relatively a child’s play

Now we have cashew tree that matures for harvesting between 6months-1year

You transplant the seedling in a good soil
And you start harvesting in 6 months

What am I saying?
That land at the back of your house can be utilised

An hectare can take average of 200plants
An acre will take average of 80 plants
A plot will take average of 13 plants

A tree should give you minimum of 10kg nut
First harvest will be low
Subject to increase

Minimal management
Reduced labour wahala
Plenty market access
Harvest for the next 15-20 years

Let’s plant a tree

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