My Tractor Ride

So I was late for farm this morning and the vehicle left me behind

The farm transport is suppose to leave by 7:15 but usually give the grace of extra 15minute

But I got to the road later than 7:30 which means I have to find alternative means to farm

And then come the tractor heading towards the farm direction

Can I join you? I asked

To where?

He asked

The driver was surprise.

He sure was meeting me for the first time

Yes . I answered
You will pass my junction

I will drop on the way

Reluctantly. He agreed

So I climbed

And we move

And then looking back, someone has asked a bike man to come and pick me

They are scared I may not be able to ride the 4km journey on a tractor


That brought back memory from my Industrial Training as a geology student years back.

I was with the hydrogeology department of Upper Niger River Basin Development Authority in Minna, Niger State

The department has a big drilling rig that only has a sitting space for the driver.

Every other person join with the project vehicle

But one day, we were working at Gwagwalada in Abuja, Mr Agbo, the project head has gone for an emergency meeting with the project vehicle

So he called someone to make arrangement for my own transportation being the only female on the team

The other Guys are expected to hang on the rig from Gwagwalada to Gwarinpa

At the last minute, the arrangement he made could not hold. We finish at the Gwagwalada side but couldn’t move because of me

I will join you on the rig. I said

The guys were surprised

No way. Someone said
It’s risky. Another said

But you guys will be hanging there?
Yes. They said

I can.
Let’s go

With no alternative, I was allowed to hang on the rig

School children were stopping on the way to wave.
It was exciting

So how did Yinka get here?
Mr Agbo asked. When they told him the vehicle he arranged for was not available

The rig…

You can imagine the surprise

Then some months later a male colleague was asked to take the rig to a location that they have previously been to.

What will take us there?

The rig

He couldn’t take them there despite he is the only one that knows the place and no alternative mobility

Did you actually travelled with the rig?
He ask me when we met in school

Black to Ago Amodu.
The bike man turned back after some time

I just laughed

These things come natural to me
It’s what I love doing

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