Planting In The Ember Montjs

Just as I was still writing on Farmers being careful at the suggestion and advice they get on planting in September without Irrigation plan.

Someone called me yesterday night. He is planning a 2 hectares (5 acre ) watermelon farm.

Is it rainfed or irrigation? I asked

Rainfed. Was the answer

A supposed farmer has told him…

* Rain will fall till the middle of October

* Watermelon only need water for the first one month’s to survive.

* Before the rain stop his watermelon woukd have survived

What’s the farmer planting? I was forced to ask.

Cassava, corn etc. He has over 100 acres.

Great. I said.

” What if rain stops before the projected time?

What will happen? I pressed again

Eerrrr, errrr

There is a water close by. But I am not expecting it to stop.


My candid advise is for you to make arrangement for plan B when and if the rain stops suddenly. I said

What spacing will I plant the watermelon? And how many will I plant per hole? He asked

Here we come. I will attend to those other questions when you pay my consultation fee.

Haaaaa. Ok. He sighted.

How much is the consultation fee?

* For an hour phone call N50,000.
* For Farm visit sight seeing N50,000
* For 3 month training N40,000

Why is the phone and farm visit expensive?

That’s our way of discouraging online and internet farming.

Cause there is no amount of teaching online that can beat the practical class.

Errrr Errrrr.
I don’t know what to do cause I have ploughed already. We are planting next week.

Really nice
Wish you bountiful luck

I only wish you can give me feed back of how it goes. But I can predict it already.

Do have a bountiful weekend

Planting in September without having alternative water source is like throwing the money down the drain.

Even the rugged cassava hardly survive by then.

And to think he is planting in Iseyin, part of the region that we shared the same rainfall pattern.

And I keep wondering what people gain from encouraging others to lose their fund in the farm when they havebeen losing theirs in the same way!!!!!!

Yinka Adesola

Don’t say we did not tell you

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