Cabbage Millionaire

I was in the farm today when my phone rang..


Yinka, How your Family?

(My Mallam friends don’t differentiate between a male or female salutation)

Hello. Good afternoon sir.

I think say you dey bring cabbage come market…

Me: I know get cabbage ooo

Anyone no get for your area?

Me: Nobody wey I know wey get

Please incase you see. A beg let me know.

Please contact me if you have cabbage for linkage to market

Cabbage currently sells for N5,000 per bag of about 100kg.

75 heads of big size cabbage will fill the bag.

100 heads of average size will fill the bag

Cabbage matured between 85_90days including transplanting.

A raised bed will produce minimum of 200 cabbage heads

An acre will produce minimum of 16,000 cabbage.

By peak starting from December, the same bag of cabbage will sell for N10,000 or more

Like Yinka Adesola always write, it’s easy calculating on paper.
It’s hard putting in the work.

You can only achieve this if you are determined and put everything in place to be successful

Everything still boils down to practising and navigating the difficulty

Welcome to dry season.

The second picture is cabbage eaten by grasshopper.

Looking for effective way to control pest on your cabbage farm?

Ensure you read how to prepare pesticide in my book..

“How To Farm Profitably In Nigeria”

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