Reading The Book Together

I don’t just want to sell books for selling sake, but I wrote the book because I want there to be a revolution in our agricultural sector.

I feel bad reading how other African countries are making waves in agriculture why the so called supposed “Giant Of Africa” has nothing to show for it.

The book ” How to farm profitably in Nigeria is not meant to be kept under the bed, on that sofa or in the wardrobe.

It’s meant to be read

And to think I have been worried and disturb because I don’t want my book, (yes you pay for it but it’s still my book) to be thrown under the mattress.

Hence I am finding a way for us to read it together.



Just like the way we practise in school and discuss the book.

As the part owner that would love to participate, you will be assigned to reading a chapter or two in a week.

And then there will be time for us to attend to question as all must have agree.

The question will be strictly restricted to the chapter that we all decide to work on together.

I am still battling with distributing copies. I will drop the address of where the book can be picked in Lagos and Ibadan.

Other locations will also be send to them. Giving it the next one week or two wewks before the reading class start.

Please signify if you will love to participate.

Class strictly for those that have their own book.

I understand some people bought for others as present. They will all be admitted to the reading class

Please start reading yours now and start keeping the questions in readiness for the class

Yinka Adesola

Our book (me and you) must be pr


Thank you

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