Trust Worthy Manager Require

I told a big Bros that was thinking of investing in Nigeria not to do that unless he has a trust worthy person.

He was surprise cause someone

has told him the same thing before too.

That’s the major challenges especially to farming business.

Our youth are not trustworthy
They have lost all the morals
Its all about sharp business

Except you are on ground to monitor what’s going on with your farm investment, please don’t make attempt

The sad thing is there are millions out there roaming about with certificates.

Certificates with no integrity.
Certificate with no morals
Certificate with no conscience

I am tired of having to be begging farm owners on behalf of farm managers and supervisors.

It’s tiring
O ti su mi

Another job opportunity thrown away.
There are several on my neck like that

They need someone to manage their farm
Unfortunately it’s hard guaranteeing these guys

Situation of our country

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