When We Say There Is No Job

And we say there is no job!!!

Who has passed beside Lagos State University Campus, Ojo passing through Iyana Iba to Iyana Ipaja in recent years?

You will definitely understand the pictures attached

Starting from the beginning of the fence to the end are this beautiful beds of vegetables that are “hand wet”

Emphasis on hand wetting because I am surprise at the volume that each men are controlling.

Trust me not to pass without checking it out.

I branched there to discuss with one of them but unfortunately “no englishi” and me “ba Hausa” other than greetings

Do you know there is a space beside University of Ibadan that I told someone I would have seek permission to plant crops if I were to be leaving in the city?

These guys at LASU fence back live in a wood made house on their position of the farm.

Have you ever imagine how much they will be earning with not spending for fuel, no drip materials and lucky to be in the city

I even learnt when ever it’s supplus, they put it inside wheel barrow to hawk around

Remember they have no certificate.

I also learnt they use cow dung and all sort to build the soil back.

These are Spring onions interplanted with soko vegetable. Sorry I don’t know what soko is in English

The onions will repel the pest for the vegetable.

I keep saying that there jobs
Plenty one.
Its for the determined

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