Fruiting Cucumber

Cucumber with fruit at 30days.
Planted on 2nd October
Hopefully we should start harvesting by the 15th October

Growing cucumber alone for market will fetch you a decent salary.

We planted 5 raised beds
And we are looking at harvesting minimum of 20 bags

Cucumber price is picking up again.
Hopefully we might meet the market at N4,000 per bag.

Could be more. Just saying

I stopped shouting unemployment ever since I discovered one can hit a gold mine with a calculated crop production

Our system of farming need to change to get the best result

We can’t keep doing the old method and expecting a good result

November 5th is another set.
You can still join us

We are shaking the agriculture sector

Thank you September 2018 set.

You did a great job with the cucumber.

It’s not how many, but how well
Kudos to you guys

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