480 bags cucumber harvest from an acre

So we had planned to harvest cucumber today from our 5 raised beds.

At first harvest which was Monday, we harvested 5 bags so by my calculation I was hoping we will harvest like 6 bags today

We went to farm with 5 bags to package the cucumber.

I had called the driver yesterday to book space to move 6 bags of cucumber to Ibadan.

Only few of us went to farm for the harvest because we thought it’s just some few bags.

And then the harvesting start….

We kept cutting and cutting and packing.

The driver called to ask if we are ready. We told him it will be more than 5 bags maybe about 10 bags.

We continue the harvest and the harvest. It was then we realise we have more than the 10 we budgeted for.

I have to run back to town to source for more bags and to tell the driver we might have more than 15 bags


Suprise was an understatement
Not sure I have ever harvested thus much from a small space.

Actually the farm size of 10m breath × 25m lenght.

That’s 1/8th of an acre.

We eventually harvest 25bags today from the 5 raised bed


As of today we have harvested a total of 30 bags from 5 raised beds in less than 2 months

And guess what??

We are still hoping to get more cucumber harvest from the same plot of land

We use Tokyo seed
We use mulching
We staked
We irrigate
We control pest
We prune
We use manure

I am still short of word from the excitement

This is a great team work
Real hard work
It’s worth the effort
It’s worth the stress

Farming is bae

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