Farming Profitably In Nigeria

To say I am awed at the people that are joining the reading group of farming profita

bly is an understatement.

To also say we have been trashing agricultural issues and challenges in the most simplest form is also something I can not quantify.

Year in, year out, billions of naira are sent down the drain carelessly in the bid to become emergency agribusiness billionaire

This year again, I can bet several people are heading to the farm with their millions to go experiment again with most especially vegetables.

The story we always read and listen to is ….

“vegetables is the easiest thing to grow”

Have you ever wondered why those story tellers, blog writers and consultants are not taking the billions if it’s that easy?

Vegetables are the shortest crop to grow and the easiest crop to have a break through from.

They are also the easiest crop from which to lose a fortune when you venture in with no knowledge and the tricks

I am a farner, a trainer, and then I recently wrote a book ” How To Farm Profitably In Nigeria”

But I make it a point not to just sell the book but I am making out time to read and analyse the book with anyone that have gotten a copy.

We have been reading and moving at a great speed.

Questions and concerns are discussed in the group.
Challenges are tables while we find a way to profer solutions to overcome the challenges

After the reading, we hope to move to practical “do it on your own lecture”

Members are from every corner of the world. The plan is to build cluster fruit and vegetable farmers who produce profitably from every angle.

Market linkage will be established with Farmers collating produce from their different location using an affordable transport system to move the produce to the standard market

How can we say we have no market with population of over 180million people?

We spend billions of naira importing food crops and vegetables into Nigeria annually

We are creating a farming revolution that will bring money into the farmers pocket.

It’s your choice to join us.


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