The Snipper Sprayed beans

As the Snipper sprayed beans story spread around, I have refrained myself from commenting because it’s always been in existence.

Last year, just about this time I wrote on how some Guinea fowl died when they fed on a Pesticide sprayed corn.

I also narrate an incidence that happened in Saki where a woman and her children died from consuming the yam flour she stole not knowing the owner had preserved it with pesticide

Several incidence have been occuring where some family died after eating some meal

In all this, the society will only oooheed, hahahaheed and hmnnnned, while the circle continue

It’s a common knowledge that farmers preserve crops, most especially grains with pesticides which are deadly poison

Sure there are organic and natural preservatives that could protect the grains from getting damaged, but thousands of Farmers are not enlightened

The pesticides sellers always recommend the deadly ones.

I was shocked the day I realise farmer use battery water to protects the seeds when planting.

Any birds or rodents that picked the grains died instantly just like any human that mistakenly inject it will do

There are natural pesticides and protective materials that are not poisonous.

They are readily available in our environment

* Neem leaf and bark (Dongoyaro tree)

* Ginger
* Neem oil
* Castor oil
* Coconut oil
* Sheabutter
* Horticultural oil
And so many

For as long as you eat any grains or food crop in Nigeria, be rest assured you are feeding on the synthetic posions

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