Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash flowering

How did it taste?

A team member asked me on the farm today

” I have never tasted it”


Infact I have never seen or hold it in real life

But do you know I have been struggling to grow it for several years


Okay I came across it on internet. Actually on Nairaland.

I read it’s highly exportable
I learnt Kenya and other Africans plant bulk of it for export.

And ever since I have been sourcing for the seed.

Sometimes last year, the agritropic team gave me some seed sample.

It germinate and one get to flowering stage but didn’t survive because we did not take adequate care of it

These ones are already forming fruits and I am hoping we have enough harvest

But before then I am on the track of market.

Though what we plant now is about 40 seeds. I am hoping we can enlarge our coast if the market prop up.

I will suggest every friends and family here start learning how to eat butternut squash so I can sell to you

Definitely it has done great health benefit

Will still come up with that

Meanwhile let’s hope we get bountiful harvest from the 40 seeds

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