Cassava Profitability Story Part 11

The Cassava Story.

Profitability And Loss Theory

Part 11

A group member got a link and we traced it out to a starch processor in a village in Oyo State.

We booked an appointment to meet with the factory owner.

She promise to buy off whatever quantity we planted at N10,000 per tonne.


I have been budgeting with N18,000 per tonne

I felt the price was too low.

Why would i sell at N10,000 when i can get a better price at N18,000?. I thought

But my partner felt we might possibly get some other priviledges from the madam since she is well connected.

She gave us a contact link that could source land for us near to her company so we could supply.

Our thought was if we plant the cassava we can sell to her.

Ready made market

The land that her contact propose was not too good for me and some of the contacts statement was not adding up.

I brought it to my partners notice but he was banking on the fact that madam can not give us a fraudulent link

I opted out from that side but my partner went in for the cassava project with the contact.

He invested

I can categorically states that he didn’t need a soothsayer to predict the outcome.

Story for some other time.
I will need permission to write on that.

He put in for 20hectares.
He is not smiling as regards cassava

GIZ whose representative I had met at NCGA meeting gave me all assurance of buying the cassava.

“Even if you plant 10,000 hectares, it’s not enough to meet the quantity that we need.

They have cooperative of cassava farmers and processors as I was told

They have list of processors that needs cassava on daily basis.

They gave me some list of processors which i visited and negotiate with.

The prices they offer before planting the cassava ranges between N15,000 to N18,000 per tonne.

That means i was on the right part.
I thought

I also got the lead to some companies that have mobile processor.

Like my contact told me

” they come into your farm and process right there and you get paid”

I got their contact no and put a call through to them.

They gave me assurance.

At planting, GIZ representative visit the farm. Other Farmers in my area start lobbying with me to assist in selling their cassava too through GIZ

I visit Thai Farm, another starch processors in Ososa near Ijebu Ode, Ogun State.

At Ososa, one needs to bring sample for testing.

What baffles me at Ososa is that despite the fact that I went to school, I could not actually understand how they read or calibrate the starch content.

Its only the person in charge that knows how he perform the abracadabra with one calibrating machines that should have been in extinction.

Anyway they gave us their result. One variety has higher starch and the second was not.

Meanwhile as the cassava month was counting, I kept in touch with my suppose intending buyers.

When farmers in my locality were complaining, I was not too bothered because i felt that our cassava is secured.

At maturity.

I called one of the companies and the tune had changed.

” But we had some agreement” I lamented.

“We can not sell what we did not buy”

The price is now N10,000 per tonne.

Out of which i will still bear the transportation cost.

My place to supply location will cost about N180,000 ($500) for a 30 tonnes vehicle

I couldn’t believe my ears.
I made several calls.

But Alas.
Seems they just finish their meetings.

GIZ could not assist with the pricing.
They only link me with processors

What do I do?

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