Acquiring Knowledge Before Farming

Knowledge before farming
Millions of people in Africa generally venture into farming by gambling

By gambling…..

* They have fund
* They acquire land
* They enter the farm

Then they come on internet asking information on

—- What do I plant?
Is it corn or cassava or vegetable

—- What is seed requirement?
—- Which Fertilizer will I use?
—- What quantity of Fertilizer
—- When do I apply Fertilizer

So many question and answers are sourced online from people who has never sown a seed in their life.

Or some that are also gambling with their farm production

After 3-4 years of farm gambling, resources wasted, enough time wasting, they eventually pack up.

Farming is not good

* I spend so much money on farming I dd not recover anything

* I have spent millions with nothing to show

What they will not tell you is that they gamble with fund and resources

They skipped the first step.

Farming is highly practical
Farming is also technical

The fact that you get it right in zone A does not mean you will get it right in zone B.

But Zone B can perform better than Zone A if you apply techniques from the experience acquire in Zone A

I see a lot of people rushed to the farm mainly based on the hearsay information that farming is the greatest thing to do

They eventually messed up

The First step to take is acquired knowledge.

Spend time acquiring adequate knowledge.

The internet information might not apply to your area.

* The climate in terms of rainfall pattern, the Sun and its intensity are quite different from area to areas

* The pest and diseases of crop varies from location to location. Grasshopper might be in the eastern part while army worm might be affecting the northern part

* What of soil?
Is your soil type the same with the information you read online?

How do you know the water retention level of your soil to determine the best crop for such area?

In short, a lot of issues that can easily be overcome if you had taken time acquire knowledge

Farmers are plant doctors
You can only be a competent doctor when you have the adequate knowledge acquired over time

Spend time to equip yourself with farming techniques

Yinka Adesola

I am moved to write this because I see so many people struggling to survive on the farm despite spending huge fund and resources to set it up

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