The Cassava Story

The Cassava Story.

Profitability And Loss Theory
Part 111

I asked the rural farmers

” Why did you keep planting cassava despite that the price is low?

“One does not know when the price will rise” was their reply

That means “Cassava is a probability crops.

The 10% government inclusive theory for cassava in bakery flour is in theory and paper.

Who will implement the law?

I did some investigation base on converting cassava into starch, cassava chips and flour.

Starch seems to be the only one with prospect. Cassava starch is an highly demanded prodycts

A lot of FCMG make use of it.

Heineken recently partner with a processor to expand her factory so as to meets their demands.

Yes. The market is there for starch but it has standard to be met.

A standard starch processor machineries like I heard back then starts from about N50,000,000.

I usually smiled whenever i read post that said you can use fabricated Nigerian made machine for starch processing.

Yes its possible.

The question is

“Who are your target market?

“What’s their requirement standard and procedures”?

I learnt Heineken visited a lot of starch processor in Nigeria before finally settling to partner with one


I read a lot of post that says one can make a lot by processing cassava into garri.

After farming, the expected major business in the rural area is gari making.

Every 1 in 4 household has a local gari processor.

Most time is the northerners that come with trailers to load it.

In essence we have supplus gari

That’s what makes gari a poor mans food.

Its easily accessible.

I have processed cassava to gari before on commercial basis I still have the fryer, grater etc.

“Labourers could mess you up”

“Water supply could just seize”

“But its not mechanised”
Some people will say

The last time i was at IITA to make enquiries about the gari fryer, one of their staff said and i quote:

“One will be very fortunate to get a gari fryer that will produce the same quality as the manual frying.

Even there is a manual frying section beside the advertised machineries.

Marketing of garri is another issue on its own.

“What are you offering that is not in existence”?

“Who are your target market”?

“How do you intend to displace the existing sellers”?

“What extra value are you adding”?

“Have you factor in your transportation cost”?

“Are you renting a shop to sell or you will get distributors/marketers”?

“Storage facilities or no arrangement for that”

Yes, you will make lot of money from processing into garri.

It depends on how much work you are willing to put in to achieve that.
Nothing comes easy.

Most write up online make one feels you automatically becomes rich when you process cassava into garri

The reality is different

Yinka Adesola

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