2018 In Reflection

2017 was full of one day and few days agribusiness trainings.

People are getting smarter and wiser in 2018. The One Day trainings with certificate drastically reduced

Amazingly no one ever ask us for certificate after the 3 months training

“Emergency and one day agribusiness training will not sell again in the future. It’s just for a while”

I had told someone last year

What we have on the increase this year is….
* Apps creating farming for you

2019 will see majority closing shop.

Agriculture is practical
Agriculture require getting knowledge and understanding.

Not just book knowledge but practical knowledge.

I have always compared a farmer with a doctor.

A doctor went through rigorous years of trainings and practises before he can start attending to patients efficiently

A farmer is expected to go through several trainings and practises too before he can handle a farm efficiently.

But an average African man believe he can owns and manage a farm efficiently provided he has the fund.

No wonder many people are getting burnt from the farm.

They rushed out as they rushed in.

But the funny thing is that new people are still dipping their head with the same notion.

Again people want to farm with millions of fund but will not spare minutes to understand how to multiply the funds.

“3 months is such a long time to spend on the farm”

” I can’t pay for consultation. Is it not farming?

“You are too expensive.

But then the eyes get cleared after they must have send millions down the drain.

I called them penny wise pound foolish people

” They will not listen. Until they satisfy their mind”

Someone working with me will always say

At some point we usually bet how many years that someone can survive before running away from the farm.

Yeah. You heard me right

And most cases they don’t even last the years.

Point is majority came to farm due to hear say.

Half information..

Internet calculations..

Hotel and projector trainings…

A word they say is enough for the wise.
Wishing you a prosperous agribusiness year.

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