How Much Is Goat In Your Area?

Thank you for contributing to this question when I wrote it yesterday.

Lately i have been thinking of goat rearing and I need to have idea of the market.

There is so much unemployment in Nigeria in the midst of plenty resources.

Do you know how many goats that are killed per day in Lagos alone?..

“Statistics show that an average of 6,000 cattle are slaughtered daily in Lagos”

Can you now imagine how many goats will be slaughtered per day considering the no of Amala, Asun and goat peppersoup joints that we have.

This same statistics definitely applies to Abuja, Porthacourt and some other big city

“In another News, Saudi needs 120,000 heads of goat per week from Nigeria”

Which of the market percentage is coming to you?

Yinka Adesola

The picture
The Guinea fowl came visiting today. It was nice seeing them after so many months.

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