Trellising Cucumber

Working on the trellised.
Also known as staking

Everyone will testify that this few days has been so hectic on the farm

We have been constructing the trellised for the cucumber

I keep saying millions of people want to make the millions from cucumber.

How many can go through the stress involve

The success and bountiful harvest from our last cucumber beds was due to the enigmatic people of September 2018 training batch

We the new set are now pulling out weight. We are building on the foundation the previous set laid down.

I must confess to you that it’s not easy but we will pull it through

When people hear the yield from a raised bed, they multiply that by what the yield of 80 beds from an acre will be

What they don’t always multiply is the stress that will accompany the 80beds.

In some cases, people resort to cutting corners.

” I can skip this aspect”
” I can manage this resources”

Don’t be surprise if the expected yield also decide to manage the output

“People want to get paid but have no pride in their work”


“I should say people want to make millions but will not be putting in the work”

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