Rice Production Theory

On rice production..
I live in a village that used to boast of having some rice farmers before.

I have not set my eyes on locally produced rice in the last 5 years.

I have been pleading with a neighbour farmer that still produces the little the family will eat to sell just a bowl or two for me so I can have the taste again

I remembered growing with what we use to call “tapa rice” or Nupe rice” which require par boiling to segregate the stones from the rice.

I love the par boiling session because some handful will be going to my mouth.

It’s that tasty.

I cant actually remember when the par boiling session stops.

But I can still recollect “Uncle Ben’s” rice being the main dish of the wealthy back then.

And then what we only have is the imported rice.

Do you know the Togolese and Beninoise people still feed on their local rice?

One of my farm labourers use to bring rice from their country while coming to Nigeria because the imported is tasteless he said

Our surrounding African countries import to sell to Nigerians.

They grow the ones they eat locally.

What went wrong is that we neglect the agricultural sector.

The story rice can be worked on to be presentable.

Farmers hardly make any profit by growing rice.

There is no available processing machine that is accessible in the rural areas.

But then we are the largest rice producers with 12 million rice farmers.

I am still going to push for the local rice from my neighbour.

Guess what.
My rice growing neighbour is not a Nigerian

Yinka Adesola

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