New Year Message

Year 2018 was a tough one in the farming community.

The rain did not show at the expected time. And when it show, it came with destructive rage.

Many farms were swept off and destroyed with water.

Plenty maize farm got destroyed. Yams are not left out

Cassava which is a staple crop here went all time price low crashing the surviving hope of many Farmers.

Can’t say this is exactly why cassava price dropped that much. Several cassava that are due for harvest will be ploughed with the soil in the coming season.

Will all the challenges stop us from growing crop again?

Not at all.

Rather we will keep finding way to beat the system.

Climate change is definitely real.

For those that are just planning to venture into crop farming, please plan along your Irrigation system.

For vegetable farmers, take advantage of the dry season when you have control over almost all the planting activities.

Vegetables and rainfall are not compatible. Plant as much vegetable as possible in the dry season and fix your holiday for the rainy season

Don’t forget my theory of “small is profitable”. Still very relevant. You don’t need a big farmland to break through growing crop

What you need is understanding the techniques and the system involve.

In 2019, becareful of the

“farm for me people”
Bring 100, get 200

I have once been there. It’s not as it seem.

Farming is not 1+1= 4
Farming is not even 1 + 1 = 2

You will only understand when you are there.

Find time to go learn.
Create time to learn

Keep your fund save in the bank until you have the time to learn. Farming is not money doubling

The youth roaming with certificate. Enough of time wasting in 2019. Get some skill. Develop yourself. Learn to be creative

Get to be an apprentice somewhere.
Be humble to learn.

The excuse givers.
Government has no plan for you.

You need to set out a plan for you and you alone.

Forget that uncle and aunties. They work for their means. Go work for yours.

There is no greater pride than earning your own money. Enough of waiting for handout.

Someone once said ….

“You can virtually pick money on the street of Nigeria”

But unfortunately Nigeria is poverty stricken country because the poverty lives in the mind.

Whatever you can dream of you can achieve.

Personally I am working on having a great fruits and vegetable network that becomes the export hub of Nigeria.

The work has started.
We are perfecting it

If you have interest in agriculture
You can become a partner.
We have free land for you.
We have the technical know how to support you

You don’t have an excuse not to be successful.

To the prayer warriors.
Pray as much as you want
Don’t replace work with prayer

God will only bless the work of your hand.

The race for 2019 starts now.
Bet you have a plan in place

You are the determinant of your future.

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