Exporting Fruits And Vegetables

Sharing some secret with you. Please dont tell anyone.

Our yams are needed outside the country. Ghanians are making massive killings from exporting yam and other fruits and vegetables.

Actually it was reported they earn over $5 billion dollars from fruit and vegetable export to Europe

Our fruits and vegetables are hot cake. Cote’d voire are enriching themselves through that source

Nearly all African country are massively raking dollars from exporting one food crop or the other.

” Give me the market and the fruit. I have 100 acres”

Citizen A, A Nigerian is probably thinking

” I can source from the farmers in the North. They produce plenty vegetables “

Citizen B. Still a Nigerian calculating

“I am buying 20 greenhouse to produce for export”

Citizen C from Nigeria

“I have money to employ 100 workers to grow the fruits

None of the Nigerian citizens will actually smell that export.


The thinking is just about “I” “Me” and “Myself”

What of if we change the thinking to.

” The export market is huge. What if I partner with some other Farmers to tap into the network.

Citizen A who can not efficiently manage a 100 acres but is financially capable to raise the fund could share the management and eventually the returns with 25 – 50 other citizens.

Citizen A having 50% cut from all the other citizens will continuously have his fund working for him.

But a Nigerian will rather choose to allow it lay low while he go in search of farm manager to give some stipend to.

Meanwhile the farm manager is also working out his own plan.

Citizen B .
Personally I would have advised citizen B to form the farmers into a cluster or cooperative group.

Invest on training them to produce quality produce to meet export standard.

The farmer will be glad to continuously produce for him for as long as the market outlet is available.

But rather citizen B will spend so much fund sourcing some substandard produce from the farmers at some ridiculous price only for the goods to be rejected by the customers.

Citizen C 100 proposed workers could possibly be factored out to be a willing partner to Citizen C.

But then. He is the lord and the owner of the farm. How can he partner with some poor fellow

There are several cluster of vegetable farmer in Ghana and some other countries that export.

The least no of farmer in a group is 250.

Imagine what quantity of produce will come out from 250 acres and more.

They are coordinated in most cases by non Farmers that have the financial means to pull the strings.

The coordinators……
1. Source for the market
2. Source for the quality demanded
3. Source for good seed
4. Initiate traceability
5. The packaging
6. Storage facility
7. Transport etc

He definitely has to commit a lot to kick the project up.

But then Imagine if he is eventually getting N200 per day as profit from cordinating the farmers?

Every other expenses the farmer must be paying from their produce sale

Every day will fetch him
250 × N500 = 125,000 per day

3,750,000 per month
And figure out the yearly income.

This and more I will gladly initiate if I have the means.

Nigeria is a great land of opportunity.

Don’t forget the farmers will keep increasing once they are assured of continous outlet for their produce.

And now you know why Nigeria is not making that $$$$$ from food export

Behind every successful are some great sacrifices.

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