1000 farmers with 1000 acres

1000 Farmers with 1000 acres. I have been shouting, writing, building, coordinating and working on this network creation for the past 3 years.

Yeah. You heard me right.

As we speak, the network is not up to 10 Farmers with an acre each yet.


* Nigeria of almost 180million people

* Nigeria with one of the highest rate of unemployment

* Nigeria with over 500,000 graduates leaving school every year

* Nigeria that spend 160billion importing tomato concentrates annually

Yes. Farming use to be one of the hardest human labour. But currently the system is changing.

With improved system

A farmer to an acre..
With drip kit to supply water to the farm.

With improved seeds to plant…

With market access at good price all year round

With free Accomodation while taking care of the crop.

With plastic mulch to remove the weeding work

What the farmer need do is greatly reduce such that an acre might become too small for a farmer to work with.

Like I told someone, we are cleaning our acts. Farming will soon be a child’s play with the new improved system.

If market Gardener, Jean Martin Fortier can be making $100,000 (36,000,000) annually from an acre of vegetable farm, what then could stop my team from doing the same?

We are adopting and adapting profitable method on the farm.

You can either choose to join the cluster now or pay expensively to catch up later with us.

With the way things are moving, we might not need the 1000 Farmers but 100 Farmers to reach our target.

An acre is 80 raised beds.
You can imagine what 100 Farmers can do with an acre each.

We are changing the system
We are creating a new circle

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