Be a Smart Investor

Millions of people are looking at investing in agriculture.

Millions of people are looking at scamming people of their hard earned money all in the name of agriculture.

Smart dudes need to take extreme precaution before committing fund to a suppose agribusiness personell

Every genuine agribusiness project initiator need to get their act right before sourcing for external fund.

I have been there. I know what it entails. Its never as smooth as those business proposal calculations.

Most agribusiness people do not know jack before jumping into agric. They quoted the blogs whose main source if information is another blog

There are some agribusunes investors too that have the sole intention of scamming people of their hard earned money from the start.

Nigeria love packagings.
They love effissy..

Nice office in the city….
Expensive car….
Great oratory …
Monthly training on projector….
Agric meetings in hotel…
Nice farm set up with fan fare….

All the above do not make a financially successful or sustainable farmer.

*Ask questions that relates to what you want to invest in.

* What are the production method?

* How do you market your good?

* How profitable is what you grow?

I can easily point out a profitable farm from a far.

Our system of farming is not profitable.

99. 9% of agribusiness consultants do not know the new method of profitable farming.

How then could they adopt what they did not know?

Most started out as Farmers but later turned salesmen of agric produce, consultants and expert without having a farm.

But the question I have always asked is…..
“How do you consult on what you are not practising?”

Borrow some brain

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