Our Indigenous Seed

We always look down on our indigenous variety of seeds. Personally I called them “local” which I think is not ideal.

Meanwhile this seed are rugged and tolerant than the imported hybrids that we so much buy.

The only disadvantage with the so called local breeds is the appearance. They re not as attractive and enticing like the hybrid varieties

The local tomatoe in my area yield more fruits than the hybrids.
They are rugged and survive the harsh weather better.

But they don’t command same price like the hybrids. They are priced low

The corn in this vicinity has been in existence before I was born. The corn are rugged too

My team experiment with the local maize giving it all the same good agricultural treatment we usually give hybrid automatically increase the yield.

The farmer here were asking me where did I get the seed whenever they pass by the farm.

They are always surprise whenever I say it’s the same local breed.

Many people did not believe that local seed can give more yield than the hybrid when subjected to the same treatment.

Outside there, what we call local is what they call heirloom.


The indigenous seed

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