Securing The Farm

Getting security for the farm.

Each time I mentioned to my close pals here if I should get a security man for the farm.

The countenance is not always encouraging. They won’t say no neither will they say yes.

But then a man came to set up a large farm at the nearby village. He was planning to do Irrigation using the sprinkler system since he is closer to the dam. He bought some of the couplements for the sprinklers.

He has earlier employ security men to be manning the farm against monkey when he planted in the rainy season.

Yes you read right.
Monkeys love corn.
Monkeys move in group
Monkeys don’t only eat corn but they destroy it.
After filling the stomach they start throwing at each other as game.

It’s the norm here for Farmers to either get a security or stay around with dane guns to kill or scared away monkey.

I learnt once you kill one and hang the carcass nearby, others will keep away for that season

Don’t mind me..
Always diverting

Our farm owner here of recent suddenly discovered some of the materials he kept on the farm has developed leg to walk away

He picked one of the former security man who started confesding and mentioning other names.

This incident is not a lone one. Most security men can not be trusted with your farm. Or I should say getting a trusted worker is like finding needle in an haystack.

Someone bought plenty pesticides and give to labourers to spray his cassava farm. The labourers stole higher percentage of the Pesticide which they sell at token.

And then they spray the farm with water and the little Pesticide remaining.

Forgetting that weed will not understand that the owner source loan to buy those Pesticide that was stolen.

Meanwhile you dare not owe them one day salary before they start following you all around with phone calls.

Even if you close down, they move on to the next candidate.

And the circles of destruction continue

Farm workers in Nigeria is a very dicey situation.

Reason you can’t do farm on a part time basis.

You need your eyes open and an ear to the ground

Just reminiscing

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