Tomato Millionaire

My first experience with the standard market is through the manager of Pacesetter farms in Sepeteri, Oyo State.

Pacetters produce tomatoes in batches to supply Shoprite with 500 kg per week at N500 per kilo.

The tomatoes are planted in such a way that the harvesting are also in batches to meet the market demand
Imagining a cluster

Farmers group having just few of standard market network to supply tomatoes throughout the year.

Nigeria alone have over 8,000 hotels. Not counting Chinese restaurant, Lebanese and all other guest house scattered all over.

Tertiary institutions staff and workers, Health facilities staff and workers will greatly appreciate buying tomato on regular basis from standard market

Let’s assume that some group of Farmers want to supply tomatoes per week to 10 of the standard market outlet.

Thats 52 weeks tomato supply in a year
500kg for 10 buyers will require 5000kg tomato harvest per week
52weeks supply ×. 5000kg requirement = 260,000kg

The group must be able to produce 260,000kg of tomato fruits in a year..

Assuming the group is to supply @ N200 per kg
260,000kg fruits × N200 per kg

That’s N52,000,000 supplying 260,000kg of tomatoes per annum.

Meanwhile it’s stated that Nigeria need to produce 6,000,000 metric tonnes to be tomato self sufficiency

Working with 20 tonnes yield per acre of tomato means we will be requiring 13 acres of land to produce that quantity..

That could as well means we need to grow an acre of tomatoes every month from January to December in order to meet that demand.

But as usual, its easier said than done

Do you wonder where these group of standard markets are getting their tomato supply from?

Off course we all know they don’t patronize the local farmers.

Nor did they source from our popular mile 12 market

Guess what?

They import.

Several tonnes of vegetables and fruits are daily imported into Nigeria from other surrounding African countries.

Excerpts from “Tomato Millionaire”

By Yinka Adesola

Price N4,000
Order for your copy by paying to
Yinka Adesola
First Bank

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