Transplanted Tomatoes

The Newly Transplanted Tomatoes

Our discussion on the farm today centre around peak and glut period of tomato

Peak like I termed it is the period when tomato command the highest Price in the market while glut is when the price is nothing to write home about.

Don’t be a peak season targeting tomato farmer is what I told the trainees.

Be an all year and passionate farmer. Don’t be an emergency farmer cause most times it doesn’t end well

On several occasions at different years I have always been targeting peak period because I want to hit the millions

None of those times have I ever met it. Actually I ends up not harvesting even one basket of tomatoes from such venture.

Those Farmers growing tomatoes in the North have been planting for several years. Some are actually born into the system

Practise makes perfect is what I learned from the farm. It’s worth the exercise when you the time to learn

Yes. The tomato we are currently transplanting should be ready for harvest in the next two month.

By that time, tomatoes would have gradually reduce in the market because the Northerners would have finished selling off the ones they planted.

It is by that March ending that my South West emergency Farmers will start running to target peak market.

My first tomato planting according to my trainer then was nursed 24th March 2014 with the hope to start harvesting in June a suppose peak period.

We couldn’t get to market until September when the market has been flooded with rain fed tomatoes

Since we went to farm gambling, the farm also decide to gamble with us.

Don’t be a farm gambler.

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