Growing Vegetables in The South

I initially use to believe that our soil here is not good for vegetables that’s why we are not growing them

Actually 90% of Soutj Westerners believe that the Northern soil is the best for all crop.

What a misconception..

The northerners flock the Southwest in search of poultry manure which they use in adding supplementary nutrients to their very lose soil.

Visit any poultry and you will meet Northerners moving the chicken waste

South Westerners have the best of the best of soil that could support any crop growing.

I initially felt insulted when at a training i attended years back. A northern parricipant told me whatever you grow in the South, we grow multiple of 100.

The land you see in this video is some distance from the dam. The farmer dredged to get the water to their side.

The government has nothing to do here for the farmers.

I am learning several dams are scattered in the South West laying idle.

We have able bodied youth roaming the street in search of job

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