Excerpt From The Telegram Group

Good morning Ma
I plan to cultivate some Cucumber, the plot is currently being cleared..

Please I would need answers to the following questions, so I’m rightly guided..

– what’s the amount of seeds needed for 1acre?

– your recommendation on preferred seeds to plant and contact for purchase

– contact for plastic mulch

– after clearing, is making of beds the next step?

If so Ma, please what’s the mode and ratio of preparing the bed with manure?

– After preparing the bed, would I have to spray insecticide before laying the mulch

– what is the most effective organic pesticide for cucumber, from those on your book?

Thank you!!

Yinka Adesola:
Good afternoon sir.

1. Seed use will depend on the Acre arrangement and spacing at planting.

With a raised bed, you will have more plants per acre eg.
If you use a raised bed of the type we have been discussing here…
25mlenght by 2m breadth measurement
80 beds will be measured out of an acre.

Using a 4 roll system with..
A. 30 cm space.
The bed will accommodate 320 plants per bed.
80 beds will be 320 plants x 80 = 25600 seed

B. 40 cm space
The bed will accommodate 240 plants.

80 beds will be 240 plant x 80 = 22,400 seeds

2. Seed recommendation
I would suggest ..
1. Tokyo f1 08030986296
2. Greengo f1 08131899317

Please note. Seed is not an automatic guarantee to bountiful harvest without investing in all other recommended good agricultural practise

3. Plastic mulch

4. Yes.
4b. 50kg dried poultry waste is recommended per bed or 7 wheel barrow

5. Depends.
Some people do that.
But we don’t do that for our preparation

6. We rotates between different types of pesticide to prevent the pest from developing resistance to it

Excepts from the telegram group.

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