Simple Farm Mechanisation

Farm Mechanisation

The general believe of most farmer as mechanisation is tractor.

The main work of tractor is to till the soil and make ridges. There are some other tractor couple implements that is highly necessary to be fully mechanised

How ever the challenges we have is that most farms are not properly arranged to accommodate the other tractor couple farm implements.

Farms are shabilly and haphazardly arranged which prevent smooth movement of the implements

Secondly most of the tractor owners only have the plough and sometimes the ridgers. They do not have all the other farm implements that is required on the farm.

Hence after ploughing the farmers automatically refered back to ..

* Manual planting
* Manual spraying
* Manual weeding
* Manual harvesting
* Manual drying
* Manual Shelling

Currently there are hand push planters which Farmers re yet to adopt cause they are saying the spacing is too close for the plant to survive.

But the absence of manual labour to assist in planting is gradually pushing them to use the planter.

A farmer that use it last year attest to having increase in his crop yield compared to previous year.

There is no current alternative to manual spraying with Farmers. Though there are some design we have been working on that is fabricated in India.

We hope to have gotten a break through before the start of planting season. It’s a hand push invention that eradicate back pain and the stress of jacking the sprayer.

Power weeder are the best method of farm Mechanisation for rural farmers but currently they are not something to easily come by.

With power weeder, the use of synthetic herbicide will be eradicated therebyvreducing food poisoning on the farm. However,the cost is still beyond an ordinary farmer like us.

There are several hand push Harvester that will definitely make farm life easy and interesting. The harvesters don’t necessarily have to be the biggest or theost expensive type. This is still beyond a rural farmers reach

Solar dryer considering most rural areas dong have access to regular electricity. My village for instance survive with 4hrs in 24hrs electricity supply.

With solar dryer Farmers don’t need to leave the corn on the farm to dry despite being matured several months long.

Farmers might be able to even plnt some other crop before the end of the rainy season

Farmers in my area don’t plant soya beans because of the Shelling issue. The stress involved and the time taken is not worth the money realise from the planting.

Same with Guinea corn. Farmers in my area don’t plant several crops despite having the good soil for it

Thinking of investing in farming?

You don’t have to farm. You can find some simple solutions like this and placed them in the farming community.

You will be amazed at what you will be generating if you have trustworthy personnel to manage it for you.

There are so many value addition and opportunity that you can take advantage off from the farming community

We don’t need to wait for government

We can be the government

Below is a Seeder or planter
Simple fabrication

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