Plastic Mulch / Mulching Film

I have written so much about #mulching.

I wonder how we have been #surviving without it.

We battle with so much weed in #dry #season that I have to go in search of the mini tiller or #weeder

The weeder take care of the weed on the #footpath.

The mulch has been a great help with #weed on the #bed.

Currently we have just cover few part of the farm with mulch.

Every other side we have to keep battling with weed which can only be removed by hand picking.

Yes. You heard me right.

#Hand #picking weed from an acre of farm is crazy

Now you understand why I have been #eulogizing and preaching the use of plastic mulch.

I spread information so people can learn from my own experience.

It’s better to have 20 #raised beds that are properly managed than having 100 acres with no good management.

20 raised beds of 25cm lenght will have 6,000 #plant stand when you use 30cm lenght by 30cm width spacing.

20 raised bed is what can be done on one quarter of an #acre land

If every farm management is strictly followed and 5,000 plant survive from any crop planted, that is a huge success.

A 600meter roll of plastic mulch will cover 24 raised bed succesfully.

A plastic mulch, well maintained can last more than 5 years on the farm.

We have a sample mulch that we have been using for the past years.

Growing #profitably is our aim.
Farm #management is tedious

but one can find a way around it

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