Ata Yinka …… Yinka’s pepper

That’s the name given to this peppers in #Ago_Amodu.
The yellow colour has a spicy aroma and a very high capsaicin that makes it extremely hotIt’s currently the spice of the moment.
Every house wife, retailers, food sellers are always looking out for it.First because it’s very tasty
Secondly and the most important because you only need a small quantity for cooking.
Thirdly, peppers grown with rainfall are just being harvestedRemember we cultivate ours with irrigation.
We have been harvesting the same batch since April and from observation we still have some few months of harvestFunny enough we only grow some few sample quantity of it by the beginning of the year.We are looking to expanding the field as the dry season approach.Currently it’s been difficult meeting up with Ago Amodu supply’s.We hope to produce enough for the surrounding communities too.Some team members have been working on Lagos market.Currently we have huge demand for Lagos.
We hope to incorporate more farmers into the production system so we can cover more groundGlad we have the market first

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