Holiday Job On The Farm

My daughter said you are employing people to work with you on the farm

Yes mama. I answered.

Please can you employ her for the holiday period?
She will need to buy some things at school resumption.

Where is she? I asked mama

Mama stay some few house away from me

The elderly woman blocked me on my way from the farm some days ago.

The girl in question is her grand daughter.

She called her out.

She is almost the same age as my Togolese girls.
She is in secondary school
They are on long vacation
She will be working for a month before the school resume in September

By evening, I went to tell mama what her salary will be per month.

She interpreted the amount to mama

I will take care of her morning feeding and afternoon.

There is nothing she is doing at home. Mama said

She has resumed with us on the farm.

She is currently competing with my girl at harvesting.

At closing today everyone has some cucumber and peppers.

Mama blocked me again to thank me.
We saw the pepper and the cucumbers.
We are grateful.

Hardworking pays.
Work does not kill

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