The Harvard Trainee Part 11

On the farm, he doesn’t talk to me.
I greet he won’t answer.

He works alone.
Measuring the one raised bed

I kept away from him

Like I said. It clicked
What if he is not mentally stable?
What if he become violent?

I became scared.

My partner said maybe he is depressed

Please note that there have been some other akward behaviour before we came to any of the conclusions.

He wears around those short knickers that men use as underwear.

A motorcycle rider came to ask how my trainee could wear such short knickers as far as neighbouring Saki town

People in the hostel attest to have never know when he take his bath.
He only wash his legs on the farm.

And some others

At that moment I sincerely want him out of our system.

I went to the police station to see if there will be any possible way out

The police said he has not committed any offence.

What if he is a cultist?
They said.

I sense some caution with the police.

Though they ask me to tell him they would like to discuss with him.

Sure I know I am now in pepper soup


On the farm

A team member was operating the tilling machine. He told the guy he want to use it.

The other guy asked him to take permission from the person in charge of the machine

He did not mind him.
He went directly for the tilling machine.

This is a machine he has never used before

I was watching the drama
I was angry
I was disturbed.

I told my partner to give him hoe to make his bed and not the machine.

He dropped the machine
Changed his cloth
Wash his leg.
Left the farm

Without speaking to anyone.

What can I do?
So I told my partner to please please with him to leave.

Yes. I mean pleading

I know I have entered this one.
I need to get myself out

My partner pleaded for him to leave
He refused initially

Then he asked for his refund.

He want 90% refund
We offered him 50%

He insisted

He stopped coming to the farm
But I was hoping he accept the 50% refund considering we have made purchases in term of seeds and other materials.

He was around in the hostel.

2 days later.

The police sent for me.

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