The Harvard Trainee

July batch for our agribusiness training resumed by first week of the month.

During the training, I asked the participants, what is your major interest for coming here?

Maybe some special vegetable interest or market etc. It could be anything.

In some class we usually ask them to get a piece of paper to scribble down what tbeir expectations is at the beginning of the training.

We take time to review those expectations by the end of the training to know how well we have faired.

Two of the participants then said they want to go and discuss it together


I was surprised.

One because I expect every one has their personal reason for attending the training.

Two because interest are usually different considering that the participants are just meeting probably for the first time.

I gave them sometime off but discovered one was on Google while the other was scribbling down something.

I went to meet them nd took some time to explain to them why this particular section has no need for discussion between two people.

I simplified.

Why exactly did you leave your house, travel all this miles, to be in this our territory, to learn?

One said he want to learn plantain and yam.

Ohhhh. I said

We don’t do yam as a training course. I told him
True I know so much about yam because that’s one of the most planted crop around me.

But yam planting is not included in our practical class.

Plantain has never been one of our course too.

Then curiousity made me ask….
Where did you learn about this place?

Your Sahara reporters interview. He said
I did not mentioned this two crops in that video. I said

Go over it again. He said.

We eventually agreed on cabbage, carrot and ugu for him.

The second guy seem a bit confused cause he wants to do plenty things at the same time.

Great. Let’s start work.

We have them some practical work to do.

The next day, the two were no where to be found on the farm.

I was told they went that way.
They showed up later in the day with corn that some farmers have given them.

The younger one came to the me they are leaving for the hostel.

The second day was the same movement to some farmers farm without informing anyone where they are going to.

The work they are supposed to do left untouched.

Another week is gone.

By the 3rd week Monday, only the younger one showed up on the farm.

I scold him
Actually I told him to informed the person that sponsored him for the training that he can not cope.

I asked him to leave
The sponsorer should send someone else to replace him.

He became a bit sober.
He participated with us that day.

The second day he called in sick.
He need to travel.

I met the senior one sitting under the tree when I got to the farm the next day.

I went to meet my working partner
What happened?
Why is he not engaged?

He has been quarreling with me
He said he want to do rain fed planting.

I explained to him we do irrigation but since he insisted he want rainfed, we will give him a spot to make his own bed for planting

He refused.
He said why can’t he remove the drip tapes to plant on that same spot.

I told him to hold on for you..


I approached him
Sir, we do irrigation here.
But we can give you another……

Why can’t I remove the drip?
Why do I have to make another bed?

He was insisting.
He didn’t even allow me talk

I called my partner.
Please assist with this
This is beyond me

Another galore of argument again
He insisted.

Maybe you will have to excuse us sir. Seem we won’t be able to work together. I said

That’s too late. He said

What if I was studying at Harvard and I have make all plans.
Will they send me away?
It’s not possible
He said

But you will not be the one to dictate what you want to do by force at Harvard. I said

You have to complied with the rules and regulations. I added

He did not even mind me.
He kept dusting himself with the leave he is holding

He is fond of hitting himself with leaves as if one is pursuing flies despite that there is no flies in that environment.

He is all yours. I give up.
I told my partner

After another round of shouting and argument, he eventually agree to making the rainfed farm in a location that we have not fixed the drip tapes

He went to check the place.
And he left the farm for the day
He doesn’t talk to anyone.

Same at the hostel

And then it clicked.
Really clicked

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