Companion cropping and crop rotation

The first 2 raises beds are cucumbers
The next row following the cucumber is pepper
The next bed after pepper is almighty corn
The corn row is followed by soya beans.This beautiful, healthy crops are planted, maintained and designed by the May-July set of traineesThe two raised beds of cucumbers have so far produced 7 bags of cucumbers.And we still hope to harvest more.The corn is currently the talk of the town.
The farmers have been ahhhhb and bhhhhbb itImagine if one acre of corn is this good has been the comments from every farmer that visit.It’s the same local maize they plant
With poultry manure
And a raised bedNo synthetic fertilizerThe soya is superb
Reserving the gist till when we harvestOur goal, our passion, what we preach is “small is profitable” if done in the right way.

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