Vegetable Marketing Strategy

Selling your farm produce.When you call Mile 12 market agent to know the current price of green chilli pepper..It’s between N500 – N700 per kg. They will answered.Then you package 60kg of green chilli for market
Jubilating that you will still have some token after paying the agent fee.Agent fee should be 10%Then you pay transport money to get it to Lagos
With several calls or…..There was a time our pepper got missing in transit.
I have to keep calling and pleading with several people before it was eventually foundAnd then after all troubles what you hear is …It was sold for N12,000 from the other end.
The highest that was ever deliver is N13,000 for 60kgEvery thing. I asked
YesThe market was not good today.You wondered why they are not giving you the account breakdown in KgBut then I realise selling this same pepper in our vicinity fetch more than what Mile 12 is offering with all the wahala and stress.The only difference is that our environment will only buy red chilli pepper and not green.Hence forth we harvest red chilli

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