Adesina was overhyped as Agric minister.

The E-wallet placed fertilizer in the hands of those who had no business with Fertilizer.

The RAMP was also another scam.

The rice revolution or initiative established how many rice mills?

The GES, who are the beneficiaries?

The anchor borrower program also failed under him.

He is eloquent, good at packaging but didn’t achieve so much like we were meant to believe.

Andy wrote

I sincerely agreed with the above statement.
The GES programme was the biggest scam of the century

I was one of the coordinator that registered farmers in Ogun State.

I registered myself and every farmer that I know

Majority of my colleagues that participated in registering farmers were not pay full money for that exercise.

I guess I was lucky.

Months later…

We got a SMS ext message to go and collect the planting materials with a non existing address.

We were all over Abeokuta searching for the address with no one to contact.

We all got nothing.

But it’s all over the news
Farmers have been empowered

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