Farm Glamorizing

One of the things we have done really well is over glamorize and over simplify the crops and livestock enterprises we are doing to the point that we have skipped the journey and focused on the destination, money in the bank.

We deserve to clap for ourselves πŸ‘πŸ‘

Grow one ha of tomato, harvest 4000 boxes and sell even at K50, you have K200,000.

Suddenly everyone is preparing one ha of land hoping to cash in on the K200,000

Until we discover that:

1. You need at least 2200 poles for staking your tomato. Depending on your location, a pole might cost you K5.

K5 x 2200 = K11,000

2. You will probably need about 15-20 rolls of twine to comfortably tie your tomato.

K267 x 20 = K5,340

And then there’s fertilizer, foliar fertilizer and irrigation, fungicides, Tuta, bollworms, powdery mildew.

1/4 way into the project, we start hearing “..ah, tomato is expensive to grow..” and then suddenly the K50 per box price doesn’t look that interesting anymore because we now realize that because we didnt do due diligence, our yield will be nowhere near 4000 boxes.

Now, the government must do something because we realize that 4000 x K50 = K200,000 was too simplified and didnt capture the journey of tomato growing.

It’s not hard but it is intense and because we didnt prepare adequately for the journey, we are in a fix.

Sometimes it’s not that your boss doesn’t like you, it’s just that his tomato field is not going as planned πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£.

Just kidding

~ By KSC

Posted by Kingsley Kachenjela on Small Scale Farmers Group

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