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Ok, let us now do #Umulomo #Tonzho #Kuvwiya gossiping.

Those of you who are not familiar with construction but you intend to undertake farm structures. Please! Take note of the infor bellow. It will save your money.

Some decades ago we had block companies moulding blocks in the following measurements:
I will just dwell on a 6″ block as most of people use it in domestic structures:

40cm/400mm Length
20cm/200mm height
15cmm/150mm width

Later on they switched off to the following measurements:
39cm/390mm Length
19cm/190mm height
14cm/140mm width
And here we lost 1 block on every 40 blocks.

Now some companies have reduced to the following measurements:
36cm/360mm length
18cm/180mm height
14cm/140mm width

And they are busy running Promotion each block is going @K2.70
They will never explain the measurements to a customer and some are not even displaying these same block

On every 13 blocks of 36cm we lost 1 block of 39cm

On 130 blocks we lost 13 blocks

On 1300 blocks you have a shortfall of 130 blocks. And so forth

#You_Can_Simply_Buy_A_Small_Measuring_Tape_And_Measure_For_YourSelf I’m sure no one would fail to read a tape. Not even My people from western🙈


Cheward Chimiko Hamilimo wrote on small scale farmers group

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