Farm Manager Job Vacancy

Farm Managers and Farm Supervisor Job VacancyHardly will a week pass without me getting several request for farm managers or farm supervisors from intending and existing farms and organisationUnfortunately I have been finding it difficult attending to this request as much as I want to.There are several youths out there in search of job but quite unfortunately they are very selective at what they are looking forThe first criteria to getting a job placement from our team is to participate in the mandatory 3 months practical class.It’s during this period that we can get to know the intending manager or supervisor.During this training period, we subject the intending manager to various farm procedure and activities that will be required to survive at managing a farm success and profitablyWhile undergoing the training is when we study some traits and characters that could make the participants a better manager while we brush it up to get betterThe sad part of it is that the intending managers have no interest in learning the rudiments of farm practises.They are looking for farm manager job but don’t want to go through the process that will make them become oneAs I write, there are several farm manager job offers. Unfortunately the job seekers are not willing to learn.

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